Repeating the Year

If you have decided not to take resits; have not passed the right courses; or have not achieved enough credits to start the next year of your degree; we will assume that you will repeat the year as a full-time student. We will automatically arrange this for you. Repeating the year will help you make up any missing courses, or increase your credit total, so that you can proceed to the next year of your degree in the future. 

You can choose to repeat the year as a full-time or part-time student or simply repeat a half-session of study, again on either a full-time or part-time basis. Please let us know, by contacting your Registry Officer, if you wish to do anything other than repeat the whole year as full-time student- so that we can arrange this for you. You can find your Registry Officers email address on our contacts page.

If you do not want to repeat the year some other options are explored below: 

Transferring to another degree programme: If you have the right courses you may be able to enter the next year of a different degree.  To see what options you have please contact your Registry Officer, you can find their email address on our contacts page.

Taking a break from study: You could take a break from study and apply to take your resits as an ‘external candidate’ over the coming year without being a registered student.

During this year away you can apply for Associate Student Status so that you can still access your online resources.

You can then apply for readmission to resume your studies, or repeat the year or half-session if required, the following September or January.

Some reasons you may not be able / want to take resits as an external candidate:

  • If you have received a C7 for a compulsory course you cannot take a resit exam for it and will need to repeat the year to study it again.

  • If you haven’t studied a course in the last 2 years or you have already sat the exam 3 times you will need to make a case, by sending an email to your Registry Officer, to be allowed another resit attempt.

  • You may not be able to accumulate enough credit points by taking resits alone - you may instead want to consider repeating the year as a part-time student (see below).

  • You are not guaranteed permission to readmit to study, you may have to meet certain requirements in order to come back.

If you want to discuss this please contact your Registry Officer, you can find their email address on our contacts page.

Change to study part-time: If you are unable to pass the required courses by taking resits,or you want to remain in study,you may consider repeating the year as a part-time student on your current degree or transferring to our Individual Subject Study (ISS) programme. While part-time you can study a maximum of 45 credits per term or 75 credits in total over the year.

Neither part-time nor ISS students are guaranteed funding and neither are eligible for Council Tax exemptions.

Repeating the year, or part of the year, as a part-time student on your degree allows you to register only for the courses you are missing rather than having to take a full-time workload. Tuition fees are often reduced for part-time programmes, meaning this is a good option for students who cannot secure funding for a repeat year.

The Individual Subject Study Programme (ISS) is a flexible learning programme on which students pay tuition fees per 15 credit points, as a part-time student. This is a good (cost effective) option for students who are able to take some resits, but also need to retake a few of their missing courses in full or for students who have already repeated the year so cannot repeat again. If you need to register for less than 30 credits in total this should be the most cost effective part-time route. You can apply to transfer back into your degree once you have passed your outstanding courses.

Please contact if you want to change to part-time study.