Applying for Special Consideration

If you feel that you have been disadvantaged during your studies by circumstances that were outside of your control (such as an unexpected medical condition or a family bereavement) you may wish to apply for these factors to be considered.

The outcome of your application will be decided by the Convener of the Students’ Progress Committee (SPC Convener) for your area of study.

You can appeal to the SPC Convener if you do not have enough credits to progress into the next year of your degree / into the Honours programme or if you have already had a repeat attempt at the year. You may be allowed either:

  • To remain in study and enter the next year of your / another degree in September;

  • To enter the Honours programme of your / another degree in September;

  • To remain in study and have a third attempt at the year.

You should think carefully about whether you want to enter the next year of your degree while missing courses. If you are given permission to do this, you will still be expected to make up any outstanding courses or credits alongside your studies next year. This may mean you have an unmanageable workload and this may cause even more issues with your studies.

If you decide to apply for special consideration you will need to complete this form and return it to Undergraduate Student Services at We strongly recommend that you submit the application by 5pm, Wednesday 8th August 2018, applications submitted after this date will be reviewed at the discretion of the SPC Convener. You should include as much supporting evidence as you are able to (this may be a medical note, academic letter of support, etc.). Your Registry Officer will then be in contact with you in relation to your application as soon as they can.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

If your application is unsuccessful then your status, as outlined in our Credit Point Calculator, will remain unchanged.

If you are involuntarily withdrawn from study as a result of an unsuccessful application you will still be able to take any available reassessments. You can also apply to come back to study at a later date once you have made up any missing courses. 

You have the right to appeal the decision made by the SPC Convener if you feel that they did not act impartially, follow the correct procedures or you have suffered material disadvantage as a result of the decision. We will send you information about how to make an appeal if your application is unsuccessful.



These FAQ’s give you more information on what the SPC is and when, and how, you can make an application to them.

What is the SPC?

The Students’ Progress Committee is a Senate sub-committee for Undergraduate students. The Committee’s Conveners act with the power of the Universities Senate on matters regarding the progress of individual students and consider applications from individuals to waive the Universities Regulations (General or Supplementary) on behalf of the Individual.

The Committee consists of Conveners from each of the 6 areas of study (excluding Medicine and Dentistry).  Applications will be considered by the Convener for the Individuals’ area of study and at least one other Committee member.

Who can apply to the SPC?

You can apply to the SPC for special consideration in a variety of situations. Some of the most common are where you:

  • are at risk of having your studies discontinued on the grounds of academic failure;

  • want to apply to move onto the next year of your degree despite not having enough credits;

  • want to be permitted to progress to your Honours year without having the required compulsory courses;

How do I apply to the SPC?

You will need to complete this form to make an application for special consideration from the SPC.  You should ensure that you include as much evidence that you can in relation to your situation and anything that may have affected you during your studies.

Once you have completed the form you can hand it into the Infohub or email it to

What happens once I submit my application?

The SPC will consider your application on the basis of information you have provided on your application form. It is really important you provide them with the right information and evidence to support your application. Once your application has been considered you will receive a response by email to your University email account.

Can I appeal the SPC decision?

You can appeal the decision of the SPC under the usual University Appeal Process, but only if you have grounds to do so. More information on this can be found on the Appeals and Complaints webpage

What happens if the SPC terminates my studies?

If your studies are discontinued you will no longer be considered a registered student. You can apply to readmit to study at the next available opportunity, which will normally be in January or September of next year.  You may be required to repeat a year or part of a year of your degree upon your return. Or to make up any courses you are missing before you return, by sitting reassessments while you are out of study, if you are able to.

What if I need help filling in the form?

You can get help and advice on making this application (or subsequent appeal) from:

Students’ Association Advice Centre

Ground Floor, Students’ Union Building


Tel: 01224 274200

You can get help and advice on any ongoing issues relating to your studies including impartial and confidential advice from:

Student Advice and Support Office

Top Floor, Students’ Union Building


Tel: 01224 273935

How can I get more information?

If you still have unanswered questions you can ask your Registry Officer, find their email address on our contacts page.