Applying for Resits

You can find information on how to apply and pay the resit fees (where applicable) on the reassessments webpage. The application process is the same for students who are still registered and for students who have withdrawn / are taking a break from study.

When considering taking a resit you should remember:

  • If you have received a C7 for a course you cannot take a reassessment for it and will need to study the course again.

  • If you haven’t studied the course in the last 2 years or you have already sat the exam 3 times you will need to make a case to be allowed another resit attempt. You should send an email to your Registry Officer, giving your reasons for the request, which will be reviewed by the Convener of the Students’ Progress Committee.

  • You may not be able to get enough credit points to progress with your degree by taking resits alone and you may instead need to consider repeating the year.

  • Some courses do not allow resit attempts, you can check this using the Course Catalogue.

We suggest you revisit the Credit Point Calculator after your resit results have been published to see if you can progress to the next year of your studies.  If you decide not to take resits then your situation will remain unchanged.

If you need help revising for your resits you can ask the Course Coordinator for additional course material. Details of Course Coordinators are in the overview in the Course Catalogue. You can also get study advice from the Student Learning Service.