The University of Aberdeen wants you to have the best possible student experience during your time with us, and to make the most of the opportunities available to you. We therefore expect staff and students to work in partnership to enhance the University community and to create an atmosphere of mutual courtesy and respect.

University staff undertake to:

1.  Support and guide you as you join the University of Aberdeen community.

2.  Provide you with excellent teaching, by expecting and encouraging our teaching staff to take advantage of opportunities to further their own skills through training and professional development, and to keep up-to-date with innovations in teaching practice.

3.  Provide courses and programmes that are intellectually stimulating and give you opportunities to develop Graduate Attributes, to give you the best chance of getting a job when you graduate.

4.  Design assessments that support your learning and give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills; and provide timely and effective feedback which will guide your future learning.

5.  Help get your career off to the best start by providing opportunities – either as part of your courses or as optional activities – that help you develop personal and professional skills to make you attractive to future employers. (Advice and guidance is available from the Careers Service.)

6.  Help you to access a wide range of student support and information services with friendly and supportive staff.

7.  Promote a sense of community throughout your University career by providing a welcoming, stimulating and safe learning and social environment.

8.  Ensure that you are treated fairly and have the opportunity to reach your full potential, as guided by our Single Equality and Diversity Scheme.

In return, you are expected to:

1.  Be committed to learning and to taking responsibility for your studies by contributing fully to all classes, undertaking the required independent study, and responding to feedback appropriately.

2.  Help our efforts to improve the learning experience for students by giving your teaching staff formal and informal feedback, including through using the student class representative system.

3.  Add to your experience by taking advantage of the wide range of facilities and activities available to help develop your interests, including Students’ Association societies and clubs, and other co-curricular activities.

4.  Make sure you know the regulations regarding collusion and other forms of cheating, and use the accepted methods of referencing your work so that plagiarism can be avoided.

5.  Familiarise yourself with the student support services, and seek advice and guidance, as appropriate, on academic and non-academic issues, from course co-ordinators and central student support services.

6.  Consider the advantages of discussing, in confidence, with the Student Advice and Support Office any requirements you have related to disability.

The Partnership Agreement is also available as a pdf document at the following link: Partnership Agreement.