In addition to the weekly C6, C7 student monitoring, the University checks on how well undergraduate students are progressing with their studies twice each year via the Mid-Year and Summer Progress exercises. This is to ensure you are given appropriate and timely advice on how to keep on track for progressing to the next level of study and successful completion of your programme.

Mid-year progress exercise

Once the December exam results have been published, the Registry Officer for your degree looks at the number of credits you have achieved to check that your studies are progressing on track as expected.  If you are deemed no longer to be in attendance or if you appear to be at risk of academic failure at this point in the year, you will be emailed by the Registry Officer for your Degree offering you advice, and advising of any action you should take.

Summer progress exercise

At the end of the academic year, once you have a full set of exam results for the year, the Registry Officer for your degree looks at your record of results again to check that you have enough credits to continue into the next academic year.

Following the May exams, you will be sent an email and asked to work through the Credit Point Calculator to obtain information on your status with regard to continuing with your studies as well as registration arrangements in September. In order to determine your status in regard to returning to study next year, you will need to know what degree you’re doing, what programme year you’re in, and the number of credit points you’ve achieved.  All this information can be found in your Student Hub. Please note that this is the only way to access instructions for returning to study each September.

Following the publication of both the May and Summer resit (if applicable) exam results you MUST access the Credit Point Calculator to determine your status.  It is YOUR responsibility to access this information as no further communication will be sent from Registry.

If your progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory, you will be contacted directly by Registry by email advising you of any steps you can take to remedy your situation.