Framework for monitoring progress

In order to assist with completing your programme, research students must undergo monitoring assessments every six months. Progress during your research degree will depend on the successful completion of these assessments.

The University also has a generic monitoring framework. Schools adapt the framework to suit their needs.

The framework consists of:

  • the development of a strong interactive relationship between the research student and the supervisor(s);
  • monitoring of the research student’s progress and performance at the School level by the Head of School;
  • ensuring the quality assurance of postgraduate progress, education, training and development across Schools by a University-wide monitoring system.

While each Schools uses different methods and forms for monitoring assessment, all Schools will inform how they monitor research students.

You should also keep in mind that your eligibility to submit your thesis is based on you also having satisfied the attendance monitoring requirements.

Guidelines for dealing with unsatisfactory progress

If your progress is unsatisfactory,you will be contact your School  to arrange a meeting between you and the Head of School.

You can find more information on the responsibilities of your supervisors in the Postgraduate Research Code of Practice.