Within the same degree eg MA to MA

If you wish to change degree programme, but remain within the same area of study you must discuss this with the Duty Registry Officer in the Students' Union Building and ask them to make the change to your curriculum.

Non-Tier 4 students in programme years 1 and 2 will be able to transfer programme within the same area of study through the online course selection system (MyCurriculm - when it is open)

Moving to a different type of degree eg LLB to MA

If you wish to transfer from one area of study to another within the University eg MA to BSc, LLB to MA, BSc to BEng etc, you must apply to transfer by completing an Internal Transfer form.

When should I complete this form?

If you wish to transfer degree programme at the beginning of the academic year, in September, it is recommended that this form be returned to the University no later than 15 July.

If you wish to transfer degree programme for the second half-session of study, which starts in January, it is recommended that the form be returned to the University no later than 15 November.

There is no guarantee that forms submitted after these dates will be considered. 


Transferring to MA Education – this form must be submitted by 5pm on 30 January.  Please enclose a Personal Statement (such as that required by UCAS) with your application. Successful applicants will be required to attend an interview.

Applications will not be considered after this deadline.

Where should I submit the form?
You can submit your form either by email to undergraduate, or by post, sending it to the postal address provided on the form itself, or in person to the Infohub.

What happens when I submit my form?
Once we receive your form, it is sent to the relevant Admissions Selector for consideration, and we will notify you of their decision by email. The length of time it takes to process your application will depend on the time of year it is submitted.