Where illness or other good cause has impaired performance on an in-course assessment or an examination, it is not possible for the Examiners to make a judgement about the extent of the impact and thereby to determine the compensation which should be applied to the obtained grade.  Rather, where the Examiners agree that illness or other good cause has impacted on performance, the following will be followed:

  • If the Examiners are confident that the assessments completed by the candidate provide evidence that they have met the learning outcomes of the course then, subject to at least 75% weighting of the assessments for the course having been completed, an overall grade for the course may be returned;
  • Where less than 75% weighting of the components of assessment for the course have been completed, the assessment should be set aside and the candidate should be given a further opportunity of assessment with this being considered to be their first attempt.

NB the decision of whether Intended Learning Outcomes have been met lies with the examiners only.

Where the Examiners do not consider the grounds presented to be sufficient good cause, the assessment should be treated in the same way as it would have been had no mitigating evidence been submitted.  No partial compensation for good cause can be given.