May Exams

Exam timetables are available around four weeks before the start of the exams (see Producing the Exam Timetables Information below).

  • The May 2018 Exam Timetable will be available here as a PDF once the exam timetable has been published.
  • It will also be available at the Infohub Notice Board
  • Provided you are correctly registered on your courses and a fully registered student,  you will be able to view your own personal exam scheduling through MyTimetable after the timetable has been published.

All students should check their resit registrations and exam schedulings over this period and contact where they find anything incorrect.


Registration for Reassessments

Please note, no one is automatically registered for any reassessment or resubmission. Information on applying for reassessments can be found on the Reassessment webpages.

Exam Clash

If you find an exam clash or any other problem with your exam timetable please contact us at

Last minute exam scheduling changes

Students viewing the exam timetable through the PDF should be aware that there can be a handful of last minute exam scheduling changes. You are therefore advised to always double check your exam timetable through MyTimetable as soon as the exam timetable is published. Please note with regard the Summer Resit exam diet students should be able to see their resit schedulings through MyTimetable during the latter part of June. Where we are required to make last minute changes the School will email all students.

If you have any queries please email

Producing the Exam Timetables

The Central Timetabling Team produces the exam timetable based on individual students’ registration on courses. The Team wait until student course selection has finished and run the student registration numbers at the end of the second week of teaching to ensure all selections are captured.

Using specialist software, the exam timetable is calculated to ensure students don’t experience exam clashes based on their individual course choices.  The timetable needs to take account of approximately 13,000 students and takes approximately six weeks to produce.

The Central Timetabling Team is required to produce the exam timetable four weeks before an exam diet commences, however the Team aims to produce the timetable to provide five weeks notice. The Team continues to explore ways to increase the notice period further.