For Honours courses it is your result from the first OPPORTUNITY of assessment only that counts towards your final classification. If you 'no paper' a course the first time that you are supposed to take the related assessment your record will show 'NP'. This is equivalent to failing the course. You will normally be required to resit the course to obtain the credit points necessary for the award of your degree but the grade obtained will not alter or improve your final degree classification.

If the course concerned is not compulsory for your degree programme and you choose to register for an alternative course, the grade obtained in the alternative course will not alter or improve your final degree classification.

If you are unable to complete an Honours assessment for medical or other good cause and notify the School(s) of this, your record will show MC or GC. You will be required to resit the assessment and the mark obtained will count towards your degree classification.


Honours candidates who fail to meet the requirements for the award of an Honours degree will be considered for the award of a non-Honours degree if they already have sufficient credit points and passes in the required courses for a non-Honours degree.

Review these minimum credit requirements for Honours degree.

The University's procedures in relation to degree classification.