If you have failed a Level 3 or Level 4 course or have not taken the assessment due to medical or other personal circumstances.

You will normally be required:

  1. to resit the course OR
  2. to register for and pass an alternative course

Remember, for the award of a non-Honours, Designated degree, you must achieve 90 credits from prescribed courses at Level 3 or above and must achieve a total of 360 credits. (Please refer to the Minimum Credit Requirements for Degrees).

If you hope to transfer to an Honours degree programme at a later stage, please refer to the information on CAS/CGS Marks and Honours Classification.

Please note that you are not automatically entered for resits. You must apply to resit a particular course and pay the associated fee via the Online Store.

If you have not taken the assessment for a course due to medical or other personal circumstances, notified the School(s) of those circumstances, and had MC or GC entered on your record, you will not be charged the resit application fee but still have to apply to resit the course. Further information is available on the Reassessment section of the Infohub website.