C6 Procedure that students on Business School courses should follow

  • Student receives an e-mail from student monitoring asking the student to contact the School and complete this C6 Appeal Form.
  • The student MUST complete this form and discuss your absence with the Course Co-ordinator (not your Personal Tutor) who should then sign the form for you to return to the School Office.  We will not accept email confirmations.  Forms are also available outside the School Office to save you printing one.
  • The form must be submitted to the School Office before the deadline date given in the warning e-mail.
  • Failure to submit the form will result in a C7, which is a removal of the student’s class certificate.

Implications of a C7 are:

  • Loss of MyAberdeen access for the course to which the C7 was issued.
  • Exam ineligibility and resit ineligibility.
  • Course failure.
  • Where more than one C7 is issued, possible termination of studies. 

C7 – Refusal of Class Certificate

To attempt to resolve this issue, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1   If you think you have received a C7 by mistake, please follow the C6 procedure in the first instance.  We will consider this an informal appeal as per the University’s Appeals Procedure.

Step 2   If you have discussed with the Course Coordinator and they do not wish to reinstate you, then you can appeal formally following the University's Appeals Procedure. To submit an appeal you MUST complete the University’s appeal form and return it to academicservices@abdn.ac.uk, within 5 working days of being unable to resolve the matter informally using the method described above.



Business School Office: Edward Wright Building, Block B, S36

Business School E-mails:

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