In order to prepare you for beginning your Taught Postgraduate degree in January, the University and your School have worked together to provide you with all the information that you could require for your time at university.

Term Starts: 9th January (which means that some programmes will start their induction programmes this day. 

University Welcome & Orientation: Wednesday 10th January (includes Lunch, so you won't want to miss this!)

The sessions are essential to your success here on your programme and are compulsory to ensure you get the most out of your time with the University of Aberdeen. 

Should you have any queries about your course, please don't hesitate to contact and we can direct you to the relevant staff member.  

Taught Postgraduate Degrees 

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Archeology of the North                                                                                                                                                   
[A to Z]
Business Administration
[A to Z]
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice Law
Criminal Justice and Human Rights
[A to Z]
Decommissioning (Online Learning)
[A to Z]
Energy and Environmental Law with Dissertation
Energy and Environmental Law with Professional Skills
Energy Law with Dissertation
Energy Law with Professional Skills
Energy Management
English Literary Studies
Environmental Partnership Management
[A to Z]
Film and Visual Culture
[A to Z]
General Law
Geographical Information Systems (On Campus)
Geographical Information Systems (Online Learning)
[A to Z]
Human Rights
Human Rights and Criminal Justice
[A to Z]
Information Technology (On Campus)
Information Technology (Online Learning)
Intellectual Property Law
International Business and Finance
International Business Management
International Commercial Law with Dissertation
International Commercial Law with Professional Skills
International Law
[A to Z]
Ministry Studies
[A to Z]
Oil and Gas Chemistry
Oil and Gas Engineering

Oil and Gas Engineering (Online Learning)

Oil and Gas Enterprise Management
Oil and Gas Law with Dissertation
Oil and Gas Structural Engineering (Online Learning)
[A to Z]
Petroleum Engineering
Petroleum Engineering (Online Learning)
Private International Law
Project Management (Online Learning)
Public International Law
[A to Z]
Safety and Reliability Engineering (Online Learning)
Scottish Heritage
Social Science
Special Care Dentistry
Subsea Engineering (Online Learning)
[A to Z]