Welcome to campus, and welcome to Aberdeen! 

  • Welcome Week posterWelcome Weekend & Arrivals: 1st & 2nd September, 2018
  • New Student Orientation: 3rd & 4th September 2018
  • Academic Induction: Check dates depending on Undergraduate or Postgraduate
  • For parents, check our Parents Orientation information below
Local Students Event

Date: Thursday 30th August 
Location: Hillhead Student Village 
Time: 1800-2100 
Registrations are now closed 

Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend is the 1st & 2nd September this year - the weekend before term and Welcome Week begins. There will be loads of activities happening up at Hillhead Student Village*. The Student Experience Team will also be at the Train Station and the Airport over the weekend from 0900-2300 to meet you and help you find your way to your accommodation. 

Please REGISTER NOW - below for the Meet & Greet so that we can know to expect you that weekend. 

*Please note arrival and move in dates and times if you are living off campus


FAQs - Meet & Greet

Is registration mandatory? What happens if I do not book the service?

In order that we can ensure students get the best experience it’s important that you register in advance so that we know that you’re arriving.

Does it cost money?

No, the meet & greet service does not cost any money. However, if you need to take a taxi or public transport to your accommodation, this may incur a charge. 

What sort of transportation is available once I arrive?

AUSA usually provides coaches during the busiest times during Welcome Weekend from the Airport to university accommodation. However, if you arrive outside this time please be aware of the public transportation options…

Aberdeen Airport is well connected with an express bus Jet 727 that leaves every 15 minutes from the Airport to the city centre (cost is approximately £3.00). There are also taxis available to take you direct to your accommodation which will cost £15 - £25.

What if I am not arriving on the official Welcome Weekend?

While we would encourage students to arrive on the Saturday of Welcome Weekend as best they can, we understand that this is not always possible and therefore have provided information on 'making your own way to your accommodation.

Register for Meet & Greet

Please complete this form to register for the Meet and Greet service:

King's Cup Competition

There has been excellent engagement in the first ever King's Cup Competition, with over 10,000 stickers placed on all the different sticker boards in all 12 schools. Based on number of stickers per person, the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition are the winners with over 4,000 stickers and a ratio of almost 7 stickers per registered student. The purpose was to encourage engagement in activities students wouldn’t necessarily try in order to widen their network of friends and colleagues across the university to build a greater sense of community across all areas.

They will receive the trophy and the BBQ on Wednesday 3 October. 

School Total Total Stickers Stickers per Person
SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 539 739 1.370193199
SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE 321 984 3.065420561
SCHOOL OF DIV, HIST & PHIL'PHY 225 270 1.197392346
SCHOOL OF EDUCATION 365 241 0.661016484
SCHOOL OF LANG & LITERATURE 397 625 1.575537573
SCHOOL OF LAW 395 534 1.353612167
SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY 267 501 1.878937894
MEDICINE MED SCI & NUTRITION 627 4365 6.960945349
SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING 247 521 2.109311741
SCHOOL OF GEOSCIENCES 174 255 1.465517241
SCHOOL OF NATURAL & COMP SCI 204 303 1.483984719


Arrival Lounge

When you arrive on campus there is lots going on! There are plenty of people to help you with all the different services that are available. We know it can be a lot to take in so if you want to take a short break come and join us in the Arrivals Lounge. We will have a team of friendly faces there to welcome you with a cup of tea, some biscuits, and a short checklist of what you might still need to do. 

Location: International Centre 110 High Street, University of Aberdeen 

Times open: Monday 3rd Sept - Friday 7th Sept 2018 from 1000-1600

*no need to register, just come in and meet some friendly people! Put your sticker on the map! :) 

Arrival Lounge

New Students Orientation

Student orientation posterOn Monday and Tuesday of Welcome Week the sessions below were run. Please click on the links to learn more and view either the full sessions or the slides to learn more about each. 

AUSA: Your Students's Association
Understand what AUSA's remit is and how they can supplement and support you during your studies.

Banking in the UK
Santander will take you through a very to-the-point session about how to set up a bank account, including the documents you require, how to make an appointment with a bank, and what you get with different kinds of bank accounts. 

CluedUP: Health,Safety and Well Being
A combined session led by the University's Estates team with input from Police Scotland along with our Director of Health & Safety with key information to help you stay safe here in Aberdeen.

Library and IT Essentials
A presentation about using the library, accessing e-collections, study spaces & computing accounts. You can also take a guidet tour around the beautiful Sir Duncan Rice Library. 

Studying for University 
Led by the Student Learning Service, they will give you tips and advice for studying if you're new to university, new to the UK style of education or just want a refresher. 

Private Accommodation
If you're arriving with a family, or are just choosing not to live in university accommodation; this session will focus on navigating the private rental market here in Aberdeen.  

My University 
Understanding the ins and outs of ‘MyAberdeen, MyCurriculum, Mytimetable, and the various other systems that you need to use to manage your time at Aberdeen’

Simply Living
A session that concentrates solely on how to live your life in the city, including; transportation options and general ideas like grocery shopping.

Student Advice and Support
A short session to introduce you to the many services available through the Student Advice and Support Team. (Video is available instead of an in-person session)

That Department does What?
Led by Dr. Tucker, this session will clearly outline all the different University departments so you know where to go if you have questions. 

Understanding the NHS
Learn how to navigate the NHS system, from registering with a GP, to collect a prescription from a pharmacy.

Working Part-Time While Studying

Students often look for part time work alongside their studies to supplement their income from their parents, government bodies, or student loans. However; some times it can be difficult to know how to find a part time job and how to present yourself at the interview. This session aims to alleviate those concerns and explain how you can find part time work while you study.

GP Registration

Parent Activities & Orientation

Parents, guardians and family members play such an important part of our students’ lives that we would be amiss if we forgot about them. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive Parent Orientation available over the Welcome Weekend whereby any parent, guardian, family member or friend who has a vested interest in one of our new students can come along and learn all about the university.

  • There will be drop in sessions at Hillhead for those of you with students living in the student village.
  • There will be a Parent and Family Programme Welcome to Aberdeen Event on Saturday in the marquee on King's Pitches behind Elphinstone Hall on Old Aberdeen Campus to showcase the different services and activities in which students can get involved.
  • On Sunday we will have an afternoon session (must register below) inclusive of: 
    • 90 minute session explaining the different services for students and where parents can ask all their questions
    • Location: MR501 

If you want to attend Parent Orientation please register: 


There are many events and activities happening over Welcome Weekend and Welcome Week. Please ensure that you follow Student Life on Facebook, or check the events here on the website.