Q: What is Welcome Weekend?

A: Welcome Weekend, is the weekend before Welcome Week or Freshers’ Week. It is the weekend that we recommend all students arrive in order to get settled into their accommodation, to get a feel for the city and to meet fellow students new to the city. It is also when we will have dedicated student ambassadors situated at the airport in order to meet you as you come off your plane.  

Q: What date is Welcome Weekend?

A: Saturday 2nd September and Sunday 3rd September, 2017

Q: What time will there be people at the airport?

A: There will be two student ambassadors at the Airport from 0800-2400 on both Saturday and Sunday

Q: How do I register?

A: You can register by filling in the online form on the website.

Q: Is registration mandatory? What happens if I do not book the service?

A: In order that we can ensure students get the best experience it’s important that you register in advance so that we know that you’re arriving.

Q: Does it cost money?

A: No, the meet & greet service does not cost any money.

Q: What sort of transportation is available once I arrive?

A: Aberdeen Airport is well connected with an express bus Jet 727 that leaves every 15 minutes from the Airport to the city centre (cost is approximately £3.00). There are also taxis available to take you direct to your accommodation which will cost £15 - £25.

Q: Will there be people at the train and bus stations?

A: Unfortunately with limited volunteers and staff available, we will only have people available at the airport. We like to think if you’re savvy enough to make it to the train station or bus station from another airport, you’ll not have a problem making your way to your accommodation. However, we do have tips and info about ‘making your own way’.

Q: What if I am not arriving on the official Welcome Weekend?

A: While we would encourage students to arrive on the Saturday of Welcome Weekend as best they can, we understand that this is not always possible and therefore have provided information on how to making your own way’ to your accommodation.

Q: What kind of activities are happening on Welcome Weekend?

A: There are loads of activities happening over welcome weekend with the majority of activity happening at Hillhead Student Village. We also have events for Parents.

Q: What are there any activities for Parents?

A: On Saturday there is a Parents Welcome through the Parent and Family Programme and Parents Orientation will take place on Sunday. There are also drop in sessions at Hillhead Student Village for parents.

Q: Is attendance at Welcome Weekend mandatory?

A: Not at all, Welcome Weekend is just put together so that new students are prepared and settled to start Welcome Week/Freshers’ Week comfortably. There are lots of activities and events happening, but they are not mandatory.

Q: When does Orientation start?

A: New Student Orientation starts on Monday 4th September, along with AUSA’s Freshers’ Week. Academic Induction is also running this week, so it’s important that you know where you’re meant to be, and when.

Q: Is Orientation and Academic Induction Mandatory?

A: Orientation is highly recommended for students to get their barings, and learn some things about the city and being at university that they might not already know. Academic Induction is mandatory in order to get the best experience from your course. If you are not able to attend you must let your school know.

Q: Is there a checklist I can follow so I know I've completed everything? 

A: Yes! We have lots of checklists for you to make sure you've finished everything. 
New Students Arrival Checklist
International Student Predeparture Guide