Maggie Chapman was elected University Rector in November 2014 and took up her post in April 2015. The Rector's term ends on December 31st 2016, and elections will take place to find a successor in November 2017.

Maggie Chapman's Manifesto - 2014

Maggie Chapman

I am Maggie Chapman, Co-Convener of the Scottish Green Party and a local councillor. I lecture in environmental ethics and cultural geography at Edinburgh Napier University so am familiar with Scottish Universities. In my spare time I play the fiddle and sing. I am passionate about music, giving power to people, and ending poverty. I have a track record of delivering positive change for people:

  • The first politician in Scotland to call for the payment of the Living Wage
  • A member of the Smith Commission on Devolution for Scotland
  • Created the enormously successful with Decides initiative to hand budget power over to citizens

If elected, I promise to:

1. Campaign to improve student housing

Better housing means a better student experience. I will work with students, accommodation services, AUSA and private landlords in the city to achieve:

  • Fairer rents in all university-owned accommodation, with bursaries to support students in financial crisis
  • A private landlord accreditation scheme to improve living standards
  • A student tenants’ union to protect tenants’ rights
  • A student-owned housing co-operative

2. Fight to keep Scotland tuition fee free

Education is a common good and should be publicly funded. You should not face crippling debt during or after your studies. I will:

  • Fight to keep Higher Education tuition-fee free for Scottish and EU students, and lobby the Scottish Government to extend this to English, Welsh and Northern Irish students too
  • Improve access to emergency/crisis funding and campaign for a bursary scheme to support EU and international students facing financial hardship
  • Campaign to open up the preferential undergraduate loan system to postgraduates

3. Negotiate better student services, with your voice heard

The University must continue to support students by:

  • Reducing Library fines – Aberdeen’s are amongst the highest in the country
  • Ensuring the interim facilities provided during the building of the new AUSA building are fit for purpose for student societies and groups
  • Improving student representation in University decision-making and increasing the amount of study space

4. Create a strong academic community

University staff are integral to your student experience. I will work with the University and the staff Unions to:

  • Improve resources available to staff so they can provide better quality teaching, assessment and feedback
  • Ensure postgraduate students are supported appropriately in the teaching that they do

5. Ensure the University has a positive impact on society

The University is an important institution in Scotland, and should ensure it creates a better society. I will:

  • Demand that University investments are put to positive uses, promoting renewable energy, life-saving medical research, community outreach and international development
  • Sign us up to Electronics Watch and the Worker Rights Consortium
  • Call for a welcoming environment for international students and the end of International Student Visa policing

Facebook page: #Maggie4Rector

The Rector of the University is an ancient post dating back to the foundation of the University in 1495. Since 1860 the Rector has been students' only representative and in more recent years, their main representative on the University Court. Rectors serve for three years and appoint to the Court a Rector's Assessor; student's interests are further served on the Court by the President of the Students' Association.

The Rector plays an important role in representing and supporting the students of the University. The position of Rector is one that is independent of both the Students' Association and University administration, allowing the Rector a direct relationship with the students. One of the principal duties, which in the present case has been discharged by delegation in order to avoid any conflict of interest, is to chair the University Court at which all major decisions are taken.

Effective student representation at Court is therefore ensured by the presence not only of the rector but also the President of the Students' Association and the Rector's Assessor. The Rector holds occasional surgeries to which any student who would like to raise a particular issue or concern is welcome. The Rector also spearheads wider campaigns, both within the University and nationally, to ensure that student life at Aberdeen continues to meet the needs of all students.

To contact the Rector's Office: 
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 272965

Rector's Office 
Butchart Centre 
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