Welcome to Aberdeen & the International Centre

The International Centre (IC) is your centre here on campus and in Aberdeen. It’s not just for international students, it’s for anyone is interested in global affairs or experiences. We are located on 110 High Street, right across from the bookshop, and are open from 10am-4pm every day as a centre for students to come and use at your leisure. We are not an office, we are a centre and we welcome you to come and join us for one of the many activities listed on the website or to just bring in your laptop and/or lunch and chill with your friends between classes.

Each week we have different events running. You can check the updated schedule either online in the 'events' section or, outside the entrance of the IC. 

We have a team of Staff and Student Volunteers who run the centre. They work hard to come up with, and run effective events and activities that students (hopefully) want (or need). 

Introduction to the International Centre