The Enhanced Transcript offers a more comprehensive record of your time at the University than a degree certificate.

The Enhanced Transcript functions as your aide-memoire and helps you to write effective applications to prospective employers and postgraduate recruiters. It can help you to identify your skills and Aberdeen Graduate Attributes.

As the Enhanced Transcript is University verified, your prospective employers and postgraduate recruiters can be sure that you have gained the academic achievements and co-curricular experiences listed on it. It can make prospective employers and postgraduate recruiters more aware of your skills and attributes as well as offer a good starting point for discussion in an interview situation.

The Enhanced Transcript does not replace your degree certificate or CV; it is a supplementary document.

Students should avail themselves of every opportunity open to them. Every experience is valuable and the Enhanced Transcript will pave the way for their future." Lorna Buckley, Lead Graduate Recruiter, Halliburton

Why Does the University Have It?

The Enhanced Transcript is similar to the nationally recognised Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).  Many institutions across the UK are in the process of implementing the HEAR. Both the HEAR and the Enhanced Transcript record academic achievements as well as co-curricular experiences.

A growing number of employers and postgraduate recruiters are starting to recognise the benefits of a detailed transcript that offers a rounded picture of your higher education experience.