We have plenty of opportunities for students to volunteer their time with the International Centre, and there are two ways that you can do this - formally  and informally. 

Formal Volunteer 

  • The IC will take up to 30 official (formal) volunteers a year. Each of the volunteers will be allocated to a team that will be lead by one of our International Centre Student Ambassadors. 
  • The teams will work together to take ownership of various streams of activity that are run within the International Centre 
  • Each week, each team member will volunteer 1-2 hours of their time leading an activity
  • Contribute ideas on what you think would make the IC a successful space
  • Eligible for Bronze level STAR award from Careers
  • Please submit an application online   - Applications are now closed until March 2018. 

Informal Volunteer 

  • If you are an Erasmus, Study Abroad, International Exchange Student, or student who isn't quite able to give 1-2 hours of your time, this is for you
  • We need students who are able to come along and help with the various groups and activities we run specifically:
    • English Language Group (Open to anyone with a good knowledge of English to help lead the conversation - different dialects and accents welcome!) 
    • Language Group (If you speak a language that you'd like to share, and are willing to help teach people please get in touch! 
  • Email us at: internationalcentre@abdn.ac.uk