Settling into Aberdeen

Moving to a new country or a new city can be really tough. So we've done as much as we can to help you settle into your new home. While there are tons of advice and services available to you around campus, it might just be a friendly face that you need, or a helpful guide. 

  • New Student Orientation
    The first two days of term are dedicated to giving you the foundations you will need to be a success here in Aberdeen. New Student Orientation focuses on the social, and practical aspects of settling into a new place, where as Academic Induction focuses on the academic side. Come along to both days and make your own schedule in order to meet new people and figure out all those basics of what you need to know. 

  • International Peer Groups
    If you're nervous about meeting friends in a new place, we do the hard work for you. We know that you'll be meeting people through societies, and classes and if you're an undergraduate student, you'll have your S4S mentor. On top of this you can sign up for the IPG, which will match you to a group of students who share similar interests to yours, and your A-Team Volunteer will host public activities once a week to help you all get to know each other and get settled

  • Simply Living Workshops
    The first week of term (Welcome Week/AUSA Freshers' Week) can go by really quickly, and you might not remember everything you learned at Orientation, or you might want more information following from a session at Orientation. That's why we offer Simply Living Workshops which run throughout the year to help you in specific areas that you may find interesting.