Events & Activities: 

We have loads of different events, activities, trips etc, that you can come along to; and most things are drop in - which means, you don't have to book in advance. 

Language Groups

Each week come and practice your language abilities! 

Arabic - Wednesdays @ 1100
Japanese - Wednesdays @ 1600 
German - Fridays @ 1000

*No need to book, just rock up, and join in the conversation! 

English Language Group

Each week our volunteers and participants meet on to play board games, and to chat in English over a cup of tea. 

Tuesday @ 1200 
Wednesday @ 1000 

If you want to come outside of these hours and just hang out, that's great too! 

North East Explorers

Every month (or so) the IC takes a group of between 16-45 students to a beautiful location around the N.E. of Scotland! Join us for the next one... 

Taste of Aberdeen

There are so many nationalities and cultures in Aberdeen! Come along to one of our Taste of Aberdeen events to try some tasty treats each month!

Discover Aberdeen

There are so many fun free things to do in the city! Each month the activities are different, so make sure to keep checking the information online!

Prime and Unwind

Throughout the year we will select different afternoons and evenings where we will feature movies or tv shows to just allow you to chill out in the IC with some popcorn if you want. 

Connect Online

Connect with the IC! 

We hope that you're able to come along to many of the events that we have coming up in the International Centre. We also know that it's important to stay connected to find out exactly *what* is happening, so you can come out and participate! 

Facebook group: connect online with other members of the IC, ask your questions about Aberdeen, meet other international students, share your photos, or talk about the other activities and events that we are hosting or promoting. 

Newsletter: Register to receive the monthly newsletter that the IC sends out, advertising different activities and events that are happening not only at the IC but also around the University. 

Interactive Map: In the IC (110 High Street) we have a huge map that is for students to locate where they come from with a sticker, and if you want - an accompanying photo (to show everyone who you are, and if you want to be contacted!).