Where do I go for information about my visa?

The International Student Advisors are based in the Student Advice and Support Office on the second floor of the Hub. The International Centre staff cannot advise on visas.

How do I open a bank account?
Where can I find a doctor?

After arriving in the UK you should register with a local NHS doctor as soon as possible. The doctors surgery you register with will depend on where you live in Aberdeen. The GP practices will be on campus during Welcome Week in September for you to register. To find out which GP practice to register with, have a look at the Infohub Health page.

Where can I find information about Go Abroad?

There is a drop-in-session every day for two hours in the International Centre with a Go Abroad ambassador. For details see the timetable.

Where can I go for academic advice?

If you are struggling academically, please speak to the course co-ordinator in the first instance. If you are wishing to improve your general academic skills you should contact the Student Learning Service regarding their workshops or to request an individual appointment.

I want to stay informed about events and trips that the International Centre is running, how can I do that?

If you want to receive information on events, trips, and workshop that the International Centre is running, sign up to our email newsletter or join our Facebook group.

My student group wants to host a cultural event, can you help me?

Absolutely! That's what we're here for. We work closely with AUSA to assist with your event needs. If you would like to book the IC, you can absolutely do that as well. Please come in and speak to reception during manned hours. 

I'm feeling homesick, where can I go to speak to someone?

The International Centre may be able to put you in touch with other students from your home country. The Student Advice and Support Office can also offer guidance if you are looking for someone with which to speak. If you live in University Accommodation, we would encourage you to speak with the Student Resident Assistants in your Hall of Residence, who can put you in touch with other students and inform you of Hall activities. 

What can I do to ensure I keep safe while at Aberdeen?

CluedUp Student Safety and Police Scotland have a wealth of resources about staying safe during your time at the University of Aberdeen and beyond.

IC Videos

The International Centre has created videos to help you with arriving and settling in to Aberdeen.

Downloadable Guides

We have many guides available in the International Centre for you to come and collect, but we also have them available for you to download at your leisure.