What is the Enhanced Transcript?
The Enhanced Transcript is a formal University document which will help you to maximise your employability by recording your University achievements on one document that you can share with employers and postgraduate recruiters. It records your courses and grades as well as co-curricular activities such as the STAR Award and Students’ Association Committee Roles.
Will I receive the Enhanced Transcript?
If you are an undergraduate or a taught postgraduate student, you will receive the Enhanced Transcript when you graduate or leave the University.
Will I still get a degree certificate?
Yes, the Enhanced Transcript is supplementary to a degree certificate and records your courses and grades as well as co-curricular activities in detail.
How does the Enhanced Transcript differ from a degree certificate?
A degree certificate is less detailed than the Enhanced Transcript and does not take your co-curricular experiences into account.
What will appear on my Enhanced Transcript?
Your Enhanced Transcript records your courses, grades, prizes received and approved co-curricular activities. They can be Accredited Activities such as the STAR Award or Aberdeen Internship or Recognised Activities such as Students’ Association Committee and Student Activities roles. For more visit What is recorded.
When do I receive the Enhanced Transcript?
You will receive your Enhanced Transcript at the same time as your degree certificate or when you leave the University.
How do I get my achievements recorded?

Your courses and grades as well as University prizes are recorded automatically on your Enhanced Transcript. Also, Accredited and Recognised Activities managed by the Careers Service will be updated automatically. For approved Aberdeen University Students’ Association (AUSA) Recognised Activities to be recorded, you need to ensure your participation is monitored by AUSA and you submit the appropriate record of activity. This document is available in the MyAberdeen Achieve or Achieve+ sites (Professional Skills/Volunteering section); you must ensure that you submit your record of activity before 17th February 2019 to: ausareps@abdn.ac.uk

What are the benefits of the Enhanced Transcript?

The Enhanced Transcript acts as your aide-memoire and helps you to write effective applications to prospective employers and postgraduate recruiters. 

As the Enhanced Transcript is a University verified transcript, your prospective employers and postgraduate recruiters can be sure that you have gained the academic achievements and co-curricular experiences listed on it. It can help employers to identify your skills and offer a good starting point for discussion in an interview situation.

What is the procedure for obtaining recognition for AUSA roles on the Enhanced Transcript?

Student participation in approved Students’ Association activities is monitored by the relevant sections of AUSA and verified at the Enhanced Transcript Panel in April. Final confirmation that a student’s activity/role will appear on their Enhanced Transcript is communicated via the Student Hub (the replacement for the Student Portal), unless a student has specifically requested for it to be omitted from their transcript.

There are 15 generic titles which capture all Enhanced Transcript-approved roles within AUSA. For example, AUSA Committee Members (see What is Recorded) includes a range of committees including (but not restricted to) Welfare Committee, Mature Student Forum, LGBTQ+ etc.

Please note the list of activities currently included within the Enhanced Transcript will be subject to annual review by the University, so there is the potential to include additional types of verifiable activities in the future, should they be deemed appropriate.