As you may be aware, there has been an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa principally affecting Sierra Leone, guinea and Liberia. The University is maintaining close contact with NHS Grampian's Health protection Team and the current expert advice is that the risk of becoming infected with the Ebola virus is considered to be low, unless individuals have had contact with animals/raw meat infected with the virus or have had contact with the blood, secretions, other bodily fluids or organs of infected people.

Advice from the Health Protection Team is that anyone who has travelled from West Africa and becomes unwell with a fever (higher than 37.5oC) within 21 days of arrival in the UK should phone their GP practice or NHS24 (phone 111), informing them of their recent travel history, and also inform the University. The Health Protection Tea, has stated explicitly that no further precautions are necessary given the low level of the risk.

The situation with Ebola virus disease is being kept under review. The University is maintaining close contacts with the Health Protection Team who in turn are liaising at a national level with Health Protection Scotland and with the UK authorities. If their advice should change, we will review out arrangements and will keep students informed.