If your programme of study is not eligible for Federal Loans you may want to consider Private (credit-based) loans to help pay for university expenses.  Even if your programme of study is eligible for Federal Loans, you may still choose to borrow through a Private Lender but it would be sensible to do a comparison between the terms and conditions before making a final decision.

You and/or your family must apply for credit-based loans directly with the lender. Applicants must meet credit and other eligibility requirements set by the individual lender. The only private lender option known to us is the Sallie Mae Smart Option https://www.salliemae.com/  However, the university will work with any other private lender willing to lend to students who attend a foreign school.

Before taking out any credit-based loan, we urge you to read the terms and conditions carefully before committing.  You cannot borrow more than the maximum Cost of Attendance (COA) which can be found on the Cost of Attendance section of our website.

When you have submitted the on-line application and approval has been granted, you should email the US Loan Administrator (Usaloans@abdn.ac.uk) to advise that your application has been approved.  Provided you have completed all admission requirements, we will certify your application for payment release.

Sallie Mae loan payments are paid in one single cheque disbursement after you have completed the 2 stage registration process.  

The payment will come directly to the University for campus based students. Institutional charges will be deducted and any excess payment refunded to you for living expenses.

Distance Learning students have the option of having a cheque mailed directly to them. The responsibility will lie with them to make payment of instituional charges.