William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Programme

Most of our full-time and part-time degree programmes are eligible for Direct, Parent PLUS and Graduate PLUS loans.

Students undertaking the following courses are NOT eligible to receive Federal Direct Loans.

  • Certificate and Diploma Programmes
  • Distance Learning Programmes
  • Medicine/Dentistry Programmes
  • Programmes which have a compulsory year abroad
  • PhD students who carry out periods of research in the US
  • Courses that are taught or part taught with another institution that is not eligible or not certified to participate in the William D Ford Direct Loans (Direct Loan) programme. All worldwide eligible institutions are listed here.

You are deemed to be ineligible for loans if you have defaulted on payments for loans taken out prior to your studies here.  Check the status of any previous loans on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) which is the system we will use to check your loan history.  If a default status is recorded, there is little point in proceeding with your loan application at this point.  You must make arrangements to pay arrears with your loan servicer.  The NSLDS system can take some time to update status changes so you may have to present evidence from your loan servicer to show that your loans are in good standing. 

If your programme of study is not eligible, you may wish to apply for private loans to cover your cost of attendance.

Foreign schools are NOT eligible to certify Pell loans or grants