Deferments and Repayments


If you have taken out Federal student loans prior to coming to Aberdeen, and if you are taking out loans in the current year, we will automatically update your enrolment details on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to ensure that your repayments are deferred. The information we provide is shared with all of the US Department of Education's servicing agents, who are responsible for administering loan repayments.

If you are not taking out loans for your studies while you are here and need a loan deferment for previous loans, you need to email the US Loan Administrator ( giving your Social Security Number (SSN) and we will add your information to the NSLDS database.

USDE regulations do not allow us to certify deferments for distance learning programmes or for students studying off campus. 

We do not complete the paper In School Deferment forms.

Please note that once you have completed your period of registered or supervised study you cease to be enrolled at least half time with us. The date when your studies end is not the same as the date when you will graduate and receive your degree. If you are a doctoral student and go on to a writing up year, you will continue to be classified as enrolled at least half time and still be able to defer your loans for one further 12 month period. Your completion date will be the date that you submit your thesis.


It is your responsibility to repay your loans. When you leave your course or drop below half time study, this will be reported to NSLDS and you will enter a six-month grace period (this does not apply to PLUS loans which go into repayment immediately, but you can request a deferment).  

There are a number of repayment options available and you should discuss these with your loan servicer to determine which is the most appropriate for you. If you do not select a repayment plan you will be placed on the standard plan with fixed repayments for up to ten years. You can find details of your loan servicer on the NSLDS Website.

Further details about repayment plans, including interactive calculators can be found on the Federal Student Aid website.