Consumer Disclosure Information

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee rates are published here.


We offer a mix of on-campus halls, accommodation within Hillhead Student Village and off-campus accommodation with our Partners.  Information on the types of accommodation and costs can be found here.

Ineligible Programmes

Students receiving US Federal Aid are governed by stringent US Department of Education regulations.  Only campus based students studying on a full time or at least half time basis are eligible to apply.  The following programmes are not eligible:

  • MBChB
  • BDS
  • Distance Learning Programmes
  • All programmes leading to the award of a Certificate or Diploma

Courses that are taught or part taught with another institution that is not eligible or not certified to participate in the William D Ford Direct Loans (Direct Loan) programme. All worldwide eligible institutions are listed here.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students are expected to meet requirements for progression which can be found here for Undergraduate students and here for Postgraduate students.


Information about travel to and around Aberdeen can be found here.

Health Services Registration

Information regarding registration with a General Practitioner and Dentist can be found here along with guidance on how to stay safe in Aberdeen.

Services and Facilities for Students with Disabilities

The University of Aberdeen welcomes disabled students and has dedicated Disability Advisers to offer support.  Further information can be found here.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

The Institution’s student drugs policy can be found here.

Drug-related offenses will be subject to a non-academic misconduct investigation as outlined in our Code of Practice on Student Discipline.

Cost of Living Information

Other information related to living costs in Aberdeen can be found here.

Book List

Information about required and recommended textbooks and materials will be made available to you by your academic school.

Completion/Graduation and Transfer Out Rates

Information on the University’s completion and transfer-out rates is available from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Due to the very low non-continuation rate, the University is unable to supply a breakdown of completion or transfer-out rates by gender, ethnicity or recipients of need-based Subsidised loans, as this may reveal personally identifiable information about an individual student, which would break the Data Protection Act.

For the latest rates please refer to the links below. In tables where information is available at an institutional level you will find data for the University of Aberdeen in the Total Scotland section.

Fire Safety

Campus Safety

We want to ensure that our students stay safe by following some simple steps and taking basic precautions. Advice can be found here.

Equality and Diversity Policy

The University of Aberdeen is committed to a comprehensive policy on Equality and Diversity for all its staff and students. 

Planning for your arrival in Aberdeen

We have provided a checklist to use as a guide to what you should do before arriving for your studies in Aberdeen.