POWWOW - Sleeping Well

POWWOW - Sleeping Well

Share knowledge and experience at a wellbeing workshop

Workshops on Wellbeing

What is a POWWOW? POWWOWs are workshops on wellbeing. A group of people with a shared interest in a particular area of wellbeing come together to share knowledge and experience. The groups particularly focus on exploring tips, ideas and practical steps that can be taken to improve wellbeing in the chosen area.

Feel Better • Feel Healthier • Work Together 

Feel in Control • Have Fun • Learn from Others

Be more Confident • Do More

What is it About? There are many factors that affect our wellbeing. Our background, experiences, health, mental health, personal safety, opportunities and our relationships with others are just some of the factors that affect our wellbeing. Penumbra seeks to improve wellbeing by focusing on the areas below:

HOME  a safe and secure place to live

OPPORTUNITY to pursue meaningful leisure, recreation, education and work possibilities

PEOPLE as friends, confidantes and supporters

EMPOWERMENT fully involved in decisions affecting own life

All POWWOWs are linked to some or all of the above.

Health-Point, Aberdeen Health Village, Frederick Street, Aberdeen

For more information and/or to book a place, please contact:

The Aberdeen Nova Project Penumbra - 01224 621266 or email aberdeen.nova@penumbra.org.uk