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Academic Staff

Guy Bewick

How appropriate synaptic connections are made and maintained, particularly using the neuromuscular junction as a model synapse. View staff profile »

Isobel Cameron

Classification of mood disorders, psychometric techniques, recognition, assessment and treatment of depression, culture and depression, E mental health. View staff profile »

Lora Heisler

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Bing Lang

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Alasdair MacKenzie

Regulatory polymorphisms and control of CNS development. View staff profile »

Peter McCaffery

Regulation by vitamin A and retinoic acid of the mature and developing CNS. View staff profile »

Colin McCaig

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Alison Murray

Structural and functional brain imaging using MRI, SPECT and PET with a particular focus on normal brain ageing and dementia. View staff profile »

Simon Parson

Unravelling the complexities of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. View staff profile »

Bettina Platt

Disorders of the nervous system with a particular focus on dementias and neurodegenerative disorders: biomarkers, mechanisms, causes and treatments. View staff profile »

Gernot Riedel

Behavioral neuroscience, with an emphasis on spatial learning, hippocampal signalling and synaptic plasticity. View staff profile »

Christian Schwarzbauer

Development of novel MR Neuroimaging techniques with a specific focus on normal brain ageing and dementia. View staff profile »

David St Clair

Psychiatric genetics with a particular focus on dementias and schizophrenia. View staff profile »

Gordon Waiter

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Andy Welch

Translational imaging, with a particular emphasis on applications of Positron Emission Tomography and development of molecular imaging biomarkers. View staff profile »

Justin Williams

Social cognition and the neuroscience of developmental disorders such as autism analysed at behavioural and neuroimaging levels. View staff profile »

Claude Wischik

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Xuming Zhang

Function and modulation of Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) ion channels. View staff profile »