Measurement of symptom severity and related treatment effectiveness

Our research involves investigating:

  • the relationship between symptom severity and recognition and treatment of depression.
  • the psychometric properties of commonly used depression severity scales
  • data driven approaches to classifying depressive disorders
  • the relationship between depression severity and treatment efficacy and tolerability

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Efficacy and outcomes related to ECT

A major research focus is on electroconvulsive therapy, including clinical and bioscience investigations. A clinical trial (KANECT) explored the use of ketamine in ECT and is now complete. The KANECT trial’s latest protocol is available here:  Earlier versions and a summary of amendments are available on request from Daniel Bennett.

A recent BBC documentary featured our clinical and research teams:


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Management of depression with mobile phones

Through an EPSRC-funded, international, multidisciplinary project ( we are:

  • employing qualitative research methods to explore the use of mobile phone technology to support the management of chronic depression in rural areas
  • reviewing the research literature regarding telephone technology in the management and treatment of depression
  • collaborating with computing scientists, designers, anthropologists and public health clinicians in India and UK in the design and delivery of a mobile phone intervention
  • utilising case studies to initially assess the feasibility of the mobile phone intervention

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Measurement of facial expression using computerised methods

We are investigating facial imitation in mood disorder by measuring the capacity to:

  • encode information from facial expression, and
  • expressively and accurately imitate another facial expression.

Using computer vision and machine learning techniques we aim to identify behavioural signatures which are unique to mood disorder.

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Media portrayal of antidepressant drugs

Through an interdisciplinary CSO-funded doctoral fellowship, Nooreen Akhtar is:

  • conducting sentiment analysis, involving the application of natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics and text analysis to investigate newspaper articles covering topics related to anti-depressant medication.
  • conducting interviews and focus groups with patient, public and stakeholder groups to gain insight into beliefs and attitudes relating to a range of articles on anti-depressant drugs in the treatment of depression.

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