Perry Barrett

Research includes: Mechanism of seasonal body weight regulation and genes and signalling pathways in the brain regulating appetite and energy balance

Guy Bewick

Research includes: How appropriate synaptic connections are made and maintained, particularly using the neuromuscular junction as a model synapse

Alan Bowman

Research includes: Research includes: The physiology of arthropods, including ticks, varroa honeybee mites, cat fleas and sea lice and identifying and validation neural drug targets

Rama Chakravarthi

Research includes: Neural mechanisms and the role of oscillatory processes (EEG) in object recognition, number representation, attention and awareness.

Martin Collinson

Research includes: Pax6 in eye development and disease

John Crawford

Research includes:  Quantitative methods / measurement in cognitive neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology

Stuart Cruickshank

Research includes: regulation of vascular function by hypoxia. Neuronal integration in invertebrates

Alberto Di Salvo

Research includes: synthesis of aggregation inhibitors, quantification of protein misfolding by IR

Lynda Erskine

Research includes: Cellular and molecular mechanisms that guide retinal axons from the eye to their targets in the brain

Celso Grebogi

Research includes: Dynamics of nonlinear and complex systems

Iain Greig

Research includes: drug discovery for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, anxiety and depression

Frank Guerin

Research includes: The study of artificial intelligence

Constanze Hesse

Research includes: Psychophysical and neuropsychological investigation of perception and action processes and the effects of cognitive factors (e.g. attention) on motor control

Wenlong Huang

Research includes: development of novel strategies for nerve repair and neuropathic pain following nerve injuries

Gareth Jones

Research includes: Epidemiology, treatment and outcome of musculoskeletal disorders, with a major focus on spondyloarthritis and (chronic) musculoskeletal pain, inlcuding fibromyalgia.

Julie Jones

Research interests:  Parkinson's disease, gait dysfunction, exercise therapy, long term conditions

Bing Lang

Research includes: The relationship between neurodevelopment and mental disorders including schizophrenia

Gary Macfarlane

Research includes: Epidemiological studies of chronic pain informing intervention trials

Alasdair MacKenzie

Research includes: Regulatory polymorphisms and control of CNS development

Mary Joan MacLeod

Research interests include: Stroke genetics, stroke epidemiology,  acute stroke treatments, visual rehabilitation after stroke.

Jasna Martinovic

Research includes: role of colour contrast in vision, from lower-level to higher-level functions, using psychophysical and EEG methods

Colin McCaig

Research includes: Control of directed cell motility and directed cell division

Peter McCaffery

Research includes: Regulation by vitamin A and retinoic acid of the mature and developing CNS

Julian Mercer

Research includes: Neural mechanisms of control of body mass

Professor Peter Morgan

Research includes: Hypothalamic regulation of food intake and energy expenditure

Alessandro Moura

Research includes: Modelling the dynamics of biological processes at the cellular level

Professor Peter Morgan

Research includes: Hypothalamic regulation of food intake and energy expenditure

Alison Murray

Research includes: Structural and functional brain imaging using MRI, SPECT and PET with a particular focus on normal brain ageing in the Aberdeen Birth Cohorts and dementia

Masaru Nakamoto

Research includes: Function of Eph receptors and ephrins in the development of visual, olfactory and cerebellar projections

Professor Roger Pertwee

Research includes: Pharmacological actions of plant cannabinoids

Jonathan Pettitte

Research includes: Molecular basis of cadherin-catenin complex function during epithelial development

Louise Phillips

Research includes: The effects of aging on both cognitive and emotional function

Karin Pilz

Research includes: Visual motion perception and healthy ageing

Bettina Platt

Research includes: (i) Neurodegenerative disorders, especially dementias such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Causes, diagnosis and treatments. (ii) Neuronal plasticity and cognition

Ann Rajnicek

Research includes: The processes by which cells use environmental conditions as guidance cues during development, wound healing and regeneration

Professor Gernot Reidel

Research includes: Behavioral neuroscience, with an emphasis on spatial learning, hippocampal signalling and synaptic plasticity

Alexander Ross

Research includes: Identification of neuropeptides and receptors involved in the development of obesity and related disorders

Iain Rowe

Research includes: metabolic regulation of potassium channels in neuronal and neuroendocrine tissues

Arash Sahraie

Research includes: Psychophysical investigation of normal and abnormal visual function

Derryck Shewan

Research includes:  The intracellular signalling mechanisms that regulate the growth and regenerative capacities of embryonic and adult neurons

Linda Sommerlade

Research includes: Data analysis and network recontruction of neuroscience data (e.g. EEG and MEG data).

John Speakman

Research includes: Animal energetics and its relationship to physiological function

Professor David St Clair

Research includes: Psychiatric genetics with a particular focus on dementias and schizophrenia

Marco Thiel

Research includes:  The application of nonlinear dynamics, mathematical modelling and nonlinear time series analysis in the modelling of large scale brain networks, heartbeat interactions of mother and foetus, eye movements, and EEGs

Neil Vargesson

Research includes:  Effects of teratogens upon the developing nervous system.

Gordon Waiter

Research includes: Computational neuroimaging in the developing and aging brain (particularly autism and Alzheimer’s disease) with an interest in functional and structural correlations particularly with reference to changes in white matter during development/aging.

Helene Widmer

Research interests: ion channels in neuronal and neuroendocrine systems; single cell PCR.

Justin Williams

Research includes: Social cognition and the neuroscience of developmental disorders such as autism analysed at behavioural and neuroimaging levels

Lynda Williams

Research includes: The responses of peripheral and hypothalamic systems to variable adiposity

Matteo Zanda

Research includes: medicinal chemistry, drug design and molecular imaging of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and CNS pathologies.