The Immunity, Infection and Inflammation Research Programme

is a diverse and thriving organisation. The University of Aberdeen hosts cutting-edge research, which has expanded to develop successful collaborations in the commercial sector.

The Immunity , Infection and Inflammation Research Programme

Laboratory in The Institute of Medical Sciences

The Immunity, Infection and Inflammation Research Programme is a diverse and exciting section that encompasses cutting edge research in a wide range of basic and clinical disciplines. The underlying philosophy is to investigate mechanisms of disease and to translate the findings into clinical practice. The programme boasts expertise in a number of clinically relevant disease areas including ocular, mycology, renal, haematology, cancer, respiratory and gastroenterology.

The immunological theme is relevant to all research activities within both schools and integrates very well with other major research programmes within the Institute of Medical Sciences including microbiology and cancer biology. The programme hosts a wide array of cutting edge research facilities and is well supported by major external grants that underpin a healthy research programme and output.