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The Integrative Centres provide expertise and initiative in a range of techniques and applications necessary for biosciences in the IMS and across the University of Aberdeen. Each is cross-discipline, applied to fields from Anatomy to Zoonosis in University Programmes.

  • The Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre, based at Foresterhill, provides cutting edge methods in MRI, PET and other technologies to study function of the living body.
  • The Kosterlitz Centre for Therapeutics, also based in Foresterhill, facilitates the development of basic research into therapies and approaches to cure disease.
  • The Centre for Genome Enabled Biology and Medicine delivers the tools and techniques across the University to study the genome using next generation sequencing.
  • Aberdeen Neuroscience is a cross-disciplinary group at both the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University, encouraging collaboration and making use of expertise in all aspects of cellular, molecular ad developmental neuroscience.  Approaches include imaging, pharmacology, psychology, systems biology and nutrition sciences to study the normal, ageing and diseased brain.
  • Finally, the Facilities Centre provides a wide range of tools to study molecules, cells and tissues.