The facilities at ABIC dedicated to radiotracer production, clinical and preclinical PET Imaging research are detailed below.

Contact: Prof Matteo Zanda

Preclinical PET CT scanner

The pre-clinical PET scanner (Sedecal eXplore Vista CT PET) is located in the Medical Research Facility. The scanner is used for a range of pre-clinical and translational studies.

Contact: Professor Andy Welch

Clinical PET CT scanner

The clinical PET scanner (a GE Discovery STe PET CT) is located in a purpose built facility, adjacent to the tracer development facility, nuclear medicine and MRI units. The scanner is operated by the NHS nuclear medicine department, with dedicated University research sessions.

PET Tracer Production

The John Mallard Scottish PET CENTRE is providing an 18-FDG production service to support the onsite clinical PET/CT scanner as well as developing, synthesising and analysing novel and established PET radiotracers for clinical and preclinical research. 

The facility comprises of:

  • The RDS 111 Cyclotron (CTI/SIEMENS)


      • The cyclotron is capable of producing the following short lived PET radio isotopes: F-18 (T1/2: 109.8min), C-11 (T1/2: 20.4min), N-13 (T1/2: 9.96min) and O-15 (T1/2: 2.04min)
    • The Radiopharmaceutical GMP Suite
      • The GMP production room is equipped with 2x hot cells (COMECER: MIP & BBS) and a Grade A isolator (AMERCARE) facilitated with an Automated Dose Dispenser (AMERCARE).
      • The hot cells currently encase a Tracerlab Fx FDG (BBS) for 18-FDG production and a Tracerlab Fx c PRO (MIP) for C-11 radiotracer synthesis.

Hot cells

    • The PET Radiochemistry Research Laboratory & adjacent Clean Room for aseptic dispensing
      • The research laboratory is equipped with 5x hot cells (Von Gahlen) as well as an Eckert & Ziegler Modular lab system, a Nuclear Interface/Tracerlab (GE) F-18 synthesis module and various in house constructed synthesis modules designed for C-11, O-15 and N-13 tracer production.

Modular lab

  • The clean room is equipped with a Grade A isolator (AMERCARE) used for aseptic dispensing.

Aseptic dispensing equipment

  • The Quality Control Laboratory
    • The QC area is equipped with 2x fume cupboards, 4x HPLCs, LC-MS, GC, TLC Scanner, pH meter, laminar flow cabinet, osmometer and an endotoxin testing unit (PTS).