3T Achieva Clinical MRI scanner

3T MRI Scanner

Our 3.0 T Philips Achieva research MR scanner, is located in the Lilian Sutton Building (LSB) at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI) at Foresterhill.



Preclinical 4.7 micro MRI scanner

Micro MRI scanner

The 4.7 Tesla MRI system is used for research projects investigating human disease. The system consists of

  • Magnex 4.7 Tesla superconducting magnet
  • MR Solutions console and pulse programmer
  • Magnex shielded gradient coils with Techron drivers capable of producing field gradients of 90mT/m with rise times of 200 µs
  • Morris Instruments birdcage transmit/receive coil, and other RF coils of in-house design

Please contact Dr Hugh Seton for more information.