Dr Roger Staff

Dr Roger Staff

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Dr Roger Staff
Dr Roger Staff

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The University of Aberdeen Nuclear Medicine ARI Foresterhill Aberdeen AB25 2ZD
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Roger Staff was born in London and studied physics at UEA.  He moved to Aberdeen in 1988 and completed his PhD in medical physics in 1994.  He has worked for the NHS since 1991 and currently leads the clinical physics imaging team at NHS-Grampian. His other interests include Intelligence and social mobility.


Research Interests

(Since 1999) founding member of the Aberdeen 1921 & 1936 birth cohort study group with three critical responsibilities for (1) hypothesis generation and hypothesis testing; (2) brain imaging and image analysis; (3) Advance data modelling of complex databases; (Since 2003 with Taurx) the imaging the effects tau aggregation inhibition and the use of surrogate imaging measures in drug development; (Since 2008) the development of structural and temporal (fMRI) complexity measures for use in ageing and neurodegenerative disease; (Since 2012) The prognostic value of automated analysis of sequential retinal images in diabetic retinopathy. The use of external quality assurance programs in diabetic retinopathy.   



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