Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The facility provides a service for sample preparation at an additional fee, which is based on batch size. Service users may wish to prepare their own samples ready for hybridisation to arrays. The facility is able to offer training and advice prior to starting sample preparation. Before starting sample preparation, all new users should obtain the relevant manual and protocols from the facility and training is strongly recommended for researchers new to the protocols. High quality sample preparation is critical to the success of the microarrays. Full QC will be performed on all samples prior to hybridisation at a charge of £3 per sample. QC is included in the service fee for samples prepared within the facility.

Ensure your samples are kept frozen on dry ice or liquid nitrogen for transport to the facility and minimise any freeze-thaw cycles of your biomaterial, extracted constituents or downstream products during sample preparation. For gene expression analysis, a separate aliquot should be taken for QC purposes immediately upon elution of the purified RNA sample. The purified RNA should be immediately snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and remain frozen until downstream processing for analysis on the microarray. Thawing RNA samples for QC purposes will significantly affect the quality of the RNA and subsequent viability for microarray experiments.

If microarrays are purchased directly from Affymetrix by the user, the datasheet must be provided with the GeneChips™ when samples are delivered to the facility for processing. Do not mix these between different boxes.

If the facility is purchasing the reagents and/or microarrays, the service user should confirm in writing the species, array type and number of samples they wish to process prior to any consumables being ordered. A fully completed booking form should be provided prior to purchase of reagents/micrroarrays and with each batch of samples brought to the facility.

Costs for processing GeneChips are payable immediately on project completion and prior to data transfer. Service users affiliated with the University of Aberdeen should please raise an internal requisition.

Service users should request return of any remaining biomaterials from the facility after the samples have been processed. These may be suitable for validation purposes.