Universal ProbeLibrary

Universal ProbeLibrary

The Universal Probe Library is being discontinued in December 2020 (https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/roche/04683633001?lang=en&region=GB).

There will be access with limited availability to the UPL design centre until 31st December 2020 (https://lifescience.roche.com/en_gb/brands/universal-probe-library.html)


Universal ProbeLibrary (UPL) consists of 165 short probes that bind to multiple sites in the genome

  • Multiple species
  • 99% coverage of human genome
  • Design highly specific assays

Further information available on UPL webpage

Detectable on all qPCR instruments

Free web-based design software UPL webpage

Multiplex options available

Batch assay design and discriminating assay design features