We offer a comprehensive histology processing and sectioning service for Light Microscopy (wax; resins; cryostat frozen sections),

Training and assisted use of the histology equipment can be provided.


  • Wax and resin tissue processors
  • Standard and motorized microtomes for wax and resin LM sectioning
  • Cryostat for frozen sectioning (Leica 1850 UV and 1850)
  • Light Microscopy staining equipment
Sample Prep (options -wax, resin, staining)

IMS room 1.35.1 Tel: x7517

  • MicrotomeDissection and trimming equipment
  • Tissue processors for resin and wax
  • Wax embedding station
  • High spec motorised microtomes for sectioning resin-embedded samples for high resolution LM (0.5-3μm)
  • Basic microtome for wax sectioning
  • Staining area and basic microscopy

Automated processing and embedding by experienced technicians – wax, acrylic and epoxy resin. Training available from facility staff.

Wax Embedding


CryostatCryostat Sectioning for Immunohistochemistry

  • Cryostat for frozen sectioning (Leica 1850 UV)
  • Cryostat for frozen sectioning (Leica 1850)