Confocal laser scanning microscopy permits high resolution optical sectioning without compromising specimen integrity. Used extensively for many sample types, including live cell studies, tissue sections

ZEN lite for Zeiss czi images

Spinning Disc: - Volocity Viewer, download Volocity 

Imaris - Free 3D/4D Microscopy Image Viewer

Fiji  - free image analysis package 


LSM880 + Airyscan

   LSM 880 + Airyscan fast

Lasers 405, 458/488/514, 561, 594, 633

You get perfect optical sections and resolve structures of 120 nm (in x, y) and 350 nm (in z) even in thick samples.

4 to 8X improvement of signal-to-noise (SNR).

Acquisition speeds of 27fps (at 480 x 480 pixels). 

LSM 710


Inverted motorised microscope

Motorised stage

Lasers 405, 458/488/514, 543, 594 and 633


Spinning Disk

UltraVIEW VoX 3D live cell imaging system


Features include the advanced Yokogawa® CSU-X1 spinning disk scanner, patented ProSync® technology and award-winning Volocity® software. With this system, you can achieve faster acquisition rates, greater sample protection and higher image data quality than you ever imagined.