Centre for Genome Enabled Biology and Medicine (CGEBM)

In 2012 the University embarked on a focused program of investment and strategic planning to significantly expand genomics capabilities in Aberdeen and thus further enable world leading research by its faculty in this arena.

A new purpose built Centre for Genome Enabled Biology and Medicine (CGEBM) has been established, which provides strategic direction and coordinated management of the University's Genomics Facilities.

The Centre facilitates genomics enabled research across the University of Aberdeen and engages with research addressing such global challenges as Environment and Food Security, Human Health, and Energy, which is being undertaken in world leading research programs across the University's Research Institutes and Colleges.

The CGEBM provides dedicated genomics facilities and expertise to drive genome enabled research forward, through strategic planning and multidisciplinary support. Services in the CGEBM are available to University of Aberdeen researchers, as well as external Universities, Research Institutes and Commercial entities. To access these services please contact the Centre Manager Dr Elaina Collie-Duguid.

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