Fee Structure as of August, 2017

  • These are the internal rates for current charges. Minimum charge is for 1 hour
  • Charges are per hour unless its specified
  • Charges are without technical assistance
  • On request an official quote will be provided
  • Use ILab system for managing your service request


We are happy to meet and discuss the opportunity of discounts based on:

  • Collaborative Research
  • Pilot Project
  • Bundling Service
  • Bulk Service

Please contact us for more details.

Grant application support:

We can provide you with a support letter for your grant application that would describe our facility and emphasize the key features and services that would benefit your proposed project. Please contact us for more details.

After-hours Use:

  • The analytical flow cytometers and data analysis computer are available to trained and certified users 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.
  • Sorters are not available after hours.
  • IFCC staff are only available during normal university working hours.


  • Not showing up for booked time slots prevents other users from using the instruments.  Users failing to cancel their bookings on time will be charged for the time booked.  Please see the conditions for cancellation in the cytometry centre guidelines.

Further Info:

  • All new projects requiring cytometry should discuss their project with facility staff who can give advice on costing the project, justification of access costs and provision of pilot data if necessary.
  • We also offer a fully supported service where sample preparation and analysis is carried out by facility staff.  Please enquire!






In Vivo Imaging:

In-Vivo MS FX Pro



Imaging Flow Cytometry:

Amnis ImageStreamX MKII



Flow Cytometry Analysers:

BD FACSCalibur





HTS Plate set-up (once)



BD LSR Fortessa



Multiplex systems:




BioRad Bio-Plex 200



High-Speed Sorter:

BD Influx System



Set-up (Sterile) (once)



Tissue Dissociator

gentleMACS Octo Dissociator with Heaters

See staff



Beckman Coulter Z2

See staff





Technical assistance







Start-up (1-2h)


Please discuss the type of your training with IFCC staff.

Group discounts (up to 50%) are available.

Cytometry Basic Course (2d)


Cytometry Special Course (2d)



FlowJo Software Training (Basic, 4h)



FlowJo Software Training (Advanced, 8h)



Other Software (customized)