BD Fortessa ImageThis system is a high-end digital analytical instrument containing 5 lasers incorporating a yellow/green 561nm laser allowing for the maximum flexibility and fluorescence discrimination of up to 18 separate fluorochromes simultaneously. The fixed alignment of this system, allows for maximum sensitivity and improved experimental reproducibility. The system is designed to improve light collection efficiency and well as reduce excitation losses. Tuneable lasers and implementation of project/ experiment specific application settings can be used to minimise inter-experiment variability or link data from other laboratories for meta-analysis purposes.


Fully configurable with 4 channels from the Argon Laser, 3 from the HeNe, 2 from the Violet and 5 from the UV. The yellow/green ensures that even complex protocols and fluorochromes can be used. Multi parameter thresholding is possible as a result of the advanced electronics which further enhances the versatility of the instrument.

Current optical layout and example fluorochromes