IMS Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

IMS Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) has 240 academic and academic related staff and nearly 300 postgraduate students dedicated to biomedical research, approximately half of whom are women. The importance of gender equality and the advancement of the careers of women in science is considered paramount here.

Following the recommendations of the Athena SWAN Charter the IMS takes steps to self-assess and plan specific actions to improve its practice in recruiting, retaining, and promoting women in biomedical science higher education. The goal is to achieve gender equality in the IMS.

The focus has been helping women in science because this is where the gender imbalance now lies - but going into the future the driving force of the IMS Equality and Diversity group will be to break down all barriers that block gender equality for both women and men. The IMS Equality and Diversity group is tasked with taking forward these actions to fruition.

Parent Champion

The role of Parent Champion has been set up with the intention of being a friendly point of contact for IMS parents, including expectant parents, to gain advice, information and support on a variety of family issues including:

  • Maternity Procedures and Support.
  • Paternity Entitlement and Support.
  • Child Friendly University Procedures.

Information on Childcare, Childcare Voucher Scheme, Benefits, Nursery/School enrolment, Social groups for babies/parents etc

If you are interested in a confidential, friendly chat to discuss any child related issues you are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our Parent Champions below:

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