We teach using a variety of methods and styles, continually seeking to make the teaching engaging, exciting and and responsive to the latest research in that subject area. The research we carry out in the School directly informs and guides our teaching, particularly in the final Honours year. Our commitment to teaching is recognised by the range of University of Aberdeen Student-led Teaching Awards given to staff from our School.

Our commitment to teaching is also underscored by our recent re-build and modernisation of the teaching lab space dedicated to practical teaching at years 1, 2 and 3.

As a student, your learning is supported my MyAberdeen, our virtual learning environment from which you can access the lecture Powerpoint slides, on-line practice tests, links to related reading, and tutorial support material.

We make innovative use of 'educational voting' handsets in class, remote control 'clickers' that allow each and every student to electronically respond in class by anonymous vote to questions posed by the lecturer.

Your academic development is supported from year 1 through to year 4 by an assigned personal tutor, who acts as adviser and mentor throughout your University career.


The standard University teaching format, this is where academic staff deliver the majority of their research-led teaching. Within this format, innovative use is made of educational voting handsets, to build a two-way communication between lecturer and student.


These small group teaching exercises are an opportunity to discuss a defined topic in a situation where all our students have the chance to contribute and ask questions in a supportive environment.

Practical lab work:

All our courses have associated practical labs, giving you the chance to directly experience lab science. These hands-on practicals can be limited to one afternoon, or in some cases extend over a number of themed, linked sessions spanning 4-5 days, giving you the chance to experience a research-style lab project.


Working in small groups within a larger class, workshops allow you the chance to tackle problem solving sessions, use computer-aided teaching packages, and consolidate your learning within structured revision workshops.


As part of our research-led teaching programme, all our undergraduates are encouraged to attend the open research seminars held in the Institute of Medical Sciences, to come and listen to external speakers describe their research.

Developing into an independent learner;

Our teaching is carefully designed to support your development as a scientist and independent learner across 4 years of study.

As you develop academically you will progress from the early stages of your degree, where text books support your study, through to the fourth year where you are increasingly an independent learner. At this later stage, you will be directing your own studies, carrying out novel research projects in the Institute of Medical Sciences labs, and using the scientific literature as your primary learning resource.