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IEP = Integrative Environmental Physiology | EE = Ecology and Evolution | BIS = Biological Interactions in Soil

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Professor Liz Baggs Rhizosphere, Greenhouse gases, Soil biogeochemistry, Nitrous oxide, Soil microbiology    
Dr Alan Bowman Bee, Varroa, Pathogen, Saliva, Tick, Disease    
Professor David Burslem Community assembly, Functional traits, Phylogenetics, Tropical forests  
Dr Andrew Cameron Tree, Forest, Genetics, Regeneration    
Dr Thomas Cornulier Statistics, Modelling, Ecology
Dr Helen Dooley Immunology, Evolution, Antibodies, Shark    
Dr Alex Douglas Statistics, Bioinformatics, GWAS, Genomics, Modelling
Dr Paul Fernandes Fish, Fisheries, Marine, Acoustics    
Professor Paul Hallett Soil physics, Agriculture, Rhizosphere, Biophysics    
Dr Alan Jamieson

Deep-sea, marine technology, underwater imaging, high pressure, fish, amphipods

Dr Cath Jones Molecular ecology, Parasite, Shark, Phylogeography    
Professor David Johnson Carbon, Nitrogen, Climate change, Mycorrhizal fungi, Plant/soil interface    
Professor Frithjof Kuepper Seaweeds, Chemical ecology, Pathogens, Biodiversity, Iodine    
Professor Xavier Lambin Population ecology, Dispersal, Invasive species, Wildlife management    
Dr Lesley Lancaster Biogeography, Community assembly, Range expansion, Thermal ecology, Social evolution, Entomology    
Dr David Lusseau Conservation, Disturbance, Tourism, Social, Ecology, Behaviour    
Dr Dan MacQueen Fish biology, Genomics, Evolution, Physiology    
Dr Tara Marshall Fish, Fisheries, Ecophysiology, Condition, Sustainability    
Dr Julien Martin Quantitative genetics, Life-history, Reproductive strategy, Personality    
Professor Sam Martin Salmon, Aquaculture, Fish nutrition, Transcriptomics, Fish health    
Dr Dan Mayor Biogeochemistry, Environmental change, Climate Change, Plankton, Benthis, Stoiciometry    
Dr Jim McDonald      
Professor Graeme Nicol Archaea, Nitrification, Molecular ecology, Soil microbiology    
Dr Les Noble Evolution, Shark, Parasite, Molecular ecology, Population genetics    
Dr Gareth Norton Plants, Genomics, Arsenic, Crops    
Professor Graeme Paton Pollutant, Environment, Analytical chemistry, Bioremediation    
Professor Graham Pierce Marine biology, Cetacean, Fisheries, Marine mammal    
Professor Stuart Piertney DNA, Molecular markers, Phylogenetics, Ecology    
Dr Michelle Pinard Rural development forestry, Tropical silviculture, Natural forest management, Conservation science    
Professor Adam Price Rice, Roots, Water, Genomics, Stress-resistance genes    
Professor Jim Prosser Archaea, Nitrification, Microbe, Ecosystem function    
Dr Cecile Gubry-Rangin      
Professor Steve Redpath Conservation, Conflict, Population ecology, Predation, Interdisciplinary    
Professor Jane Reid Population ecology, demography, life-history evolution, sexual selection, ornithology    
Professor David Robinson Ecology, Roots, Nutrients, Carbon, Soil    
Professor David Salt Ionomics, Genomics, Arabidopsis, Gene    
Dr Beth Scott Fisheries, Oceanography, Trophic interaction    
Professor Chris Secombes Fish immunology, Fish health, Fish vaccines, Cytokine evolution    
Professor Jo Smith Carbon, Greenhouse gas, Sustainability, Soils    
Professor Pete Smith

Climate change, agriculture, greenhouse gas, ecosystem model, soil

Professor John Speakman Ageing, Obesity, Life-history, Energetics    
Professor Norval Strachan Infectious diseases, Epidemiology, Food safety, Campylobacter, E. coli O157, Listeria    
Dr Jeremy Sternberg Parasite, Trypanosome, Immunology, Africa    
Dr Yit Arn Teh Soils, Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem ecology, Biosphere-atmosphere exchange, Land use change    
Dr Sandra Telfer Parasite, Disease, Plague, Madagascar, Epidemiology    
Professor Paul Thompson Population ecology, Foraging behaviour, Conservation Biology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Marine Spatial Planning    
Professor Justin Travis Modelling, Dispersal, Range expansion, Evolution    
Dr Lobke Vaanholt Energetics, Diet, Obesity    
Professor Rene van der Wal Diversity, Ecosystem function, Herbivore, Social, Nitrogen  
Professor Ursula Witte Deep sea, Geochemical cycles, Organic matter, Marine biology    
Dr Sarah Woodin Vegetation, Nitrogen, Carbon, Arctic, Moss  
Professor Steve Woodward Rhizosphere, Tree, Pathogen, Disease    
Dr Jun Zou Fish immunology, Antiviral defence, Interferon, Cytokine, Chemokine