As part of our strategy to expand the Institutes activity we are seeking researchers at all levels whose activity complements our current research.

We are particularly interested to hear from early career post-doctoral research staff who currently hold, or are interested in applying for, independent research fellowships. Independent Fellows play a key role within IBES and we have hosted Fellows from a variety of funders including NERC, BBSRC, Wellcome and the Royal Society. The importance we place on our independent Fellows and our commitment to career progression is shown by the large proportion of our academic staff who began their careers as Fellows within IBES.

We provide a Fellowship mentoring and application development programme to support any prospective independent fellows. This involves identifying potential sources of funding, advice about the application procedure and one-on-one mentoring during the application process from initial planning through to final polishing, rigorous peer-review to ensure applications that go forward are competitive, and mock interviews where required. Once a fellowship is secured we provide continued support and mentoring with a focus on maximising research output and enhancing Fellow profile.

We are also keen to hear from established professorial staff who currently have international research profiles matched with significant research income. If your work complements our existing profile we would be very happy to talk with you about the significant opportunities to transfer your activities to Aberdeen. We have a great team here doing fantastic and important research. Moreover for anyone with interests in the environment Aberdeen is a great place to live. We are going places. Join us!