Eunice Vere - Winner 2013/14

Eunice Vere - Winner 2013/14

Eunice Vere was the winner of the Cairns Smith Prize for Global Health for the Academic year 2013/14

As part of the Global Health and Management programme, Eunice Vere secured a competitive placement with an overseas organisation - Diva Medical Centre in Uganda.

In the placement, Eunice conducted a health care worker skills gap analysis by telephone interviews. Following successful completion of the placement project, Eunice had the opportunity to further develop the work in the research (thesis) project element of the programme. This project developed the earlier work into a case study of DIVA as a private-for-profit service provider, assessing compliance with WHO clinical governance standards in the provision of a basic package of care.

The project included interviews with patients and Ministry of Health officials and a health centre assessment. Eunice spent six weeks in Uganda to conduct the data collection for the study.

In this video, Eunice talks about her trip, the challenges and rewards, and how it helped her gain vital experience for her future career.