The respiratory group has a wide range of equipment used in the measurement of exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution. We have equipment suitable for measuring occupational exposure to dust, noise and various chemicals and, through our close research relationship with the Institute of Occupational Medicine, we have access to methods of sampling and analyses for many other chemicals.

Our purpose built exposure laboratory enables us to carry out research on instrument development and calibration for a range of combustion-derived aerosols. We have a number of real-time monitors capable of measuring particle mass concentrations (TSI Sidepaks and Dustraks), particle number concentrations (TSI P-trak and Dylos DC1700) and characterising particle size distribution (WPS and GRIMM devices).

Within the Child Health unit our teaching facilities include a dedicated seminar room, together with a small library of relevant scientific journals and associated text books. We also have a laboratory for sample preparation and storage.